This group started on Facebook.   It is still perhaps the best platform for it.

Join the discussion, get invited to everything and RSVP to events there.

Bondi Babies on Facebook

Members of that group are given admin rights and invited to initiate and coordinate meetings and send out messages (except to promote products or services) so it isn’t just for me to run.  I don’t wish to control the group, so please take it on and make it your own.

I still haven’t decided what this website would be best for, but just thought I might as well make it.  It is easy and fun to make websites.

I am about to print up a few cheap business cards and posters for BondiBabies and needed to decide whether or not to include a web address.  So I thought I’d try making the site and see if it felt like it would be worth building on.

I guess some people don’t use Facebook.   Would welcome your thoughts on what is useful for you.


2 responses

23 05 2014

Hi, the Facebook link is showing unavailable from my computer???
Is it still working?

25 05 2014
Bondi Babies

Which Facebook link? The image on the right hand side? It seems to be working for me… Here is the link again, in case it helps: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bondibabies/

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